ESCAPE! Alaska Gift Card

ESCAPE! Alaska Gift Card

from 36.50

Give the gift of adventure!

ESCAPE! Alaska gift cards make you everyone’s favorite and you can easily gift someone an exciting escape room adventure for 2 people, 3, or more, up to a full group of 8.

When you purchase a fully loaded (8 players) gift card, you’ll receive an ESCAPE! Alaska Puzzle Box FREE! It’s the perfect way to deliver a gift card.

If you’d like to customize a gift card amount to include tshirts or other ESCAPE! Alaska gifts, just email us at or call during business hours, 907-290-8426.

Number of players (below) determines the amount of the card. Quantity is the number of gift cards you want. (example: if you set PLAYERS at “5” and QUANTITY at “2,” you will be purchasing two gift cards for five people per card.)

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Gift card amount may be used for any ESCAPE! Alaska production, game, or product unless specifically excluded. Not redeemable for cash. Change not given when partially used. Not refundable. ESCAPE! Alaska Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen cards. Pursuant to Alaska Statute Sec. 34.45.240., this card and any remaining value expires three years after date of purchase.