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Yours is an elite team of archaeologists, searching for the tomb of the great Egyptian High Priest Ankhe-Khunsu. After countless years of searching, you've found your way to the elusive burial chamber, only to discover someone has beaten you to the site.

Your former colleague, now gone mad from too many months alone in the tomb, explodes the tunnel behind you, sealing you inside.

You have 60 minutes to find your way out of the room before you and your team run out of air and become a permanent addition to the tomb.

Are you up for the challenge?

Only $36.50 per person. 10% discount military/first responder with ID.

This ESCAPE! Alaska adventure is designed for 8 players, yet playable by as few as 2. Should your group secure fewer than the maximum player slots for a given game, it is possible you could be grouped with other adventurers booking the same time. Call during business hours or email to enquire about a private booking.

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1935 Chicago. A private investigator has turned up dead, and your journey to find out who did it leads you to something bigger than just a murder.

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