After two full years of planning THE TOMB, we’ve finally opened the high-end escape room for Alaskans. Along the way, our Design Team has learned a lot about Egypt, having watched countless hours of video, ranging from university lectures and documentaries to movies. We've studied the language and hieroglyphics in their many forms. And, of course, the burial process.

What's the point of all this studying if we're just building a game? ESCAPE! Alaska is all about immersion; when you play any of our escape rooms, we want you to feel you're actually in that space, whether it's an Egyptian tomb or present day crime lab. To that end, our designers go to painstaking lengths to ensure the environment is spot on. As often as is possible, we have kept The Tomb historically accurate, even in ways you wouldn't notice unless you were an actual Egyptologist.

That said, The Tomb is first and foremost an escape room, and it has to be fun! In keeping the game play a priority, we have had to take some liberties with an historical fact here and there, but only as has been necessary to keep the quests fun.

We hope you enjoy the first of our escape rooms, THE TOMB!

 ESCAPE! Alaska production drawing of Anubis canopic jar.

 ESCAPE! Alaska production drawing of Anubis canopic jar.