In ancient Egypt, the heart of the deceased was the only item left inside the body, as it was seen as the center of the person and the holder of their soul. All other organs were removed and placed inside one of four canopic (kuh-NO-pik) jars, an important part of the Egyptian mummifying process. The priests also carefully removed the brain, but tossed it (what is THAT thing even good for!?).


There were four jars, each represented by a different son of Horus, and each containing either the intestines, liver, lungs, or stomach of the person being enshrined. It was believed they would need these items in the afterlife.

Thoth - the jar represented by the monkey god contained the lungs.

Anubis - the jackal-headed god contained the stomach.

Osiris - the lone human-headed god jar contained the liver.

Ra - the falcon-headed god held watch over the intestines.

Now if you happen across one of these jars when you play ESCAPE! Alaska’s THE TOMB, you’ll know what’s inside.