If you play enough escape rooms, you’ll discover 3 levels of quality:

  1. Enthusiast-Built

    This is MOST escape rooms. An environment best described by a guest as “it felt like we were just playing a game in someone’s house.”

  2. Conference Room Escape Games

    About 10% of all escape rooms. These are often franchises or “escape room in a box” businesses, where the owner simply buys the props and decorating instructions from an out-of-state distributor, then sets it up in an office space.

  3. Theme Park Quality

    Perhaps 1% of all escape rooms, many cities don’t have any games of this quality. Alaska does. ESCAPE! Alaska’s rooms are designed by entertainment professionals, with high-end sets built and installed in their own space, not a former conference room. Props used by guests while playing feel like those you’d see on the big screen. Lighting effects. Sound effects. Soundtrack. This is what escape rooms are supposed to be.

We were actually inspired when playing escape rooms across the country, always feeling the experience fell far short of what it could have been. So we built the escape room WE wanted to play, but couldn’t find. And we’re so excited for you to finally see it.

Come play ESCAPE! Alaska’s THE TOMB and see the difference.